Go to nature when you are alone, go to nature when you feel sad, go to nature when you feel boredom it’ll change your attitude. Love nature, inhale some fresh air and don’t forget to protect the nature. At least plant a plant in a year let the world prosper through you.


Fear has two full forms.

1.Forget Everything And Run.

2.Face Everything And Rise.

Choose the second one. We all have fear, even though some say they don’t have. We may have fear in lots of matters some fear to talk with others, some fear to speak, some even live like slaves they bear all the problems in their life. Don’t live like that just speak up, raise your voice when it is in need.

I know persons who committed suicide because of exam failure and so on don’t be like that. I am not going to tell you to say “My future is not depended upon a piece of paper” of course that piece of paper is worthy but your life is ten thousand times worthiest than that piece of paper. We all have lots of chances the thing is how we use the chance.

Be strong and have courage. Don’t be at the mercy of any one else. Learn to fight alone. When fear will get out from your life you’ll start to achieve success.


Start something new, which was in your mind to do. Don’t get tensed, don’t be afraid, don’t think too much just start. Just jump into the darkness. Work for it. Don’t rest unless you complete your day to day works. You’ll achieve success.

Don’t forget your desires.Hold it tightly along with you fight for your dreams.


When you feel depressed, when you feel you are alone, when all your hope fade away look to the world through a positive eye, like we look through a coloured sunglass.

Then you will learn to approach the world with a confident attitude, success will be at your doorsteps. Everyone will love you and you will become the owner of a great personality in the area where you work.

When you look to the world through a positive eye, you can see the person who scolding at you is just advising you with a smile. If you will take it in a positive attitude you will never repeat the mistakes once you made in your life and you will be loved by all.


Sometimes we feel sad when people doesn’t understand us. We may have lots of problems, they may not understand that, but they will mock us, reject us and make fun on us. Don’t be sad, because you are unique, nothing can stop you. When they say bad about you, just reject that like we delete messages from our phone and make your own way if you think you are right.


We all might had gone through negative experiences. Some might have overcome that some sticked to it and cursed the fate. The method we approach to the negativity gives us a way to overcome it. We must view the negativities with a positive eye. When our negativities pull us back think about the goodness you have and make yourself rise from the negativity.


Everyone says that, but we might not seen or felt it in our daily life. Don’t just sit simply and say “be positive” but work for what you want to see positively. It will bring change in your life. When thousand doors will close infront of you, you will see ten thousand doors open for you. When you will tired or felt you completely failed in your life just go for a journey to a place where none of your friends or those who know you comes, listen to your hearts when no one can give you an answer your heart will talk to you.


How many of you had a desire to live a joyous life?. It is not a life that you can acquire very simply. We can be happy by doing what makes us happy, be merry by celebrating and spending our money on what we would like to do but what makes us joy?.I am not compelling anybody to agree on me. Everybody has their own way of making life joyous. My thought is let’s change the world by self-less or desireless action,i.e.without any expectation of fruits or results.

There is an Indian concept ” Nishkama karma i.e.self-less or desireless action, is an action performed without any expectation of fruits or results, and the central tenet of Karma Yoga path to Liberation”. It will change your life for sure. When you’ll become joyous you’ll make the best of your life. Light a candle of goodness to your friends, neighbours, relatives and all those who you have. Don’t let them fed up with you. Let them be thankful for your presence. Spread the light of goodness and radiate love.


Love everyone it is easy to read it, but we all are not able to do that. When we keep enmity,anger,anxiety and other negative feelings in our mind we will not be able to love others and keep the relations. It will make our heart dark and will not be able to express the true ourselves, it will make loss in our day to day life.So, we should start love others and see the changes.


DAY 1-Start the day with a smile. Smile at everyone who come before you. Let them be your friends or enemies give a smile to them, sometimes the reaction may be negative never mind, do it. May be you are the only one who give a smile to that person.”Every action has a reaction” it will give your mind a positive feel.

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